Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Immediately after my husband, Jeff, carried me over the threshold (yes, we are super cheesy) into our new house in June 2008, the first thing I did was run into the living room to tear up a corner of the carpet to see what was underneath.

Our realtor swore up and down that there were definitely hardwoods under that baby blue carpet. There are oak floors throughout the bedrooms, but the basement has a drop ceiling, so we couldn't be sure. I wish I had gotten the realtor's sworn oath on paper so that he could have paid for the material when I lifted the carpet and there were no such hardwoods underneath.

I took it surprisingly well. Jeff was shocked as I am not usually so flexible. The reason I was so calm about it was that since we bought the house I had been picturing it with dark dark dark, wide plank wood floors. The oak floors in the bedrooms are only about 1 1/2" strips, and I wasn't sure how well they'd take a dark stain. Now I was able to make my dream a reality.
We were off to Lowe's with absolutely no knowledge of how to lay hardwood floors, but we ordered 400 square feet of Jacobean Bamboo floors and figured the rest out as we went.

Luckily a few of Jeff's co-workers had laid their own floors and one of them even owned the nail gun and compressor necessary for the job. Also luckily we had gotten a compound miter saw for a wedding present and another friend owned a table saw.

I laid the pieces out as Jeff nailed.

And that's how we went from those first pictures at the top of this post to this:

And I got my dream floors

* That's Conrad on the back of the loveseat. I keep telling him to get a job and to quit being so lazy. He says "Time's is hard."

Monday, June 21, 2010


Is this thing on?

Months or years from now, what will I want to go back and re-read as my first post ever on a new blog? What will I hope it says about me?

I'm a twenty-something married girl, raised and still residing in upstate New York. I'm college educated in interior design, though it is not the booming business around these parts as I had hoped when I graduated. I've cycled through a few degree-related jobs, and now the well has run dry.

For the past two years I've put my heart and soul into a 1300 square foot ranch house in a little suburb, that my husband and I bought right after our wedding. This house is one of the few things I can write about with much authority.

Photo circa winter, 2008

I'm not really sure what I want this blog to BE. Personal? DIY? Design-oriented?

I'm not really sure about a lot.

I love my cats, my family and the ocean. I hate talking on the phone and can't stand clutter. I am perpetually 5 minutes early. I fancy myself a bit of a domestic goddess and love food.

The rest I'll figure out as I go.